All-in with Flickr (again)

I’m planting a flag and staying with Flickr because it’s still the best.

All-in with Flickr (again)

I joined Flickr in 2004 and have been posting photos there, on and off, ever since. For years, Flickr was the place to share photos and discuss photography. Then Yahoo neglected and thus helped ruin it. And of course Instagram eventually finished the job.

I dislike Instagram so much. Tiny, compressed photos. No good way to post from my computer. Terrible search. An unfathomable algorithm. Fucking hashtags everywhere.

And yet, Instagram is where everyone is.

Everyone except me, that is. I’m planting a flag and staying with Flickr.

Everything that’s important to me about a photo-centric sharing network is better at Flickr. Sure, it could use more people, but I can always cross-post things I might want more people to see. The photos are shown large and uncompressed. I can make albums and groups and add proper tags. I can post a thousand different ways. The API is first-rate. Camera metadata is readily available. Search works. Oh, and it’s not owned by Facebook.

I’m going to continue using Flickr for my primary sharing and social platform and ramp up my activity there. I’m now using it as a backup of all my “keepers” (instead of Google Photos).

I hope to See you there.

Originally published at on November 20, 2020.