Bought Some Music

That’s right, bought. I prefer owning things to renting, but I’ve been lazy and it’s been a while since I’ve bought anything digital. Here’s what I picked up today.

La Chinga — “Freewheelin’”

I’d have grabbed this one based on the album cover alone. Good time hard rock.

Baroness — “Purple”

I enjoyed “Yellow and Green” and this one seems like more of the same.

The Dead Weather — “Dodge and Burn”

With a title like “Dodge and Burn” of course I’m in. I really like this band. I’ve nearly worn out “Horehound”. A vinyl copy of this one is on the way also.

I burned all three to CD so I can listen to them in the car, since I hate wiring up my iPhone and finding/playing music on it while trying to drive.

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