Some Recent Large Format Photos

I’ve been having a lot of fun with my 4x5 cameras lately. Most of the images have been made using a Crown Graphic set on a tripod in my basement “studio”. I quoted “studio” because it’s really just a bedsheet hung as a backdrop and a couple of floor lamps for lighting. Not an ideal setup by any stretch but it works for now. I don’t have a way to trigger flashes with the Crown Graphic so I’m using poor-man’s continuous lighting.

Processing has been done one sheet at a time in R5 Monobath. Results have been inconsistent but it’s so easy to use that I’ve stuck with it. Six minutes in a single tray using one chemical and I’m done. It’s practically as convenient as digital! Ok maybe not but still, it’s pretty easy. Now that everything is set up it takes five minutes to shoot, 10 minutes in the darkroom, and a couple hours of drying time.

Here are a few of them…

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