The Best of Shaggy

With Shaggy talking all the time now, we thought we'd share some of what's been said.

Doug Cramer - 9/23/96

"Great Site, I'm going to have to come see ya someday. Have a good night guys. Talk to ya soon"

Christine - 9/12/96

"If I don't cheer up soon, these clowns at Fusionary Media might tickle me until I pass out."

elena and melissa - 8/9/96

"Hey you loosers! We are at MacWorld and your working! Ha! Ha!"

cevin - 8/5/96

"do you guy's ever work?"

Audrey - 8/2/96

"Hi, we saw you at the Amway desktop publishing conference yesterday..thanks we liked the info you gave us! "

craig - 8/2/96

"Enjoyed your seminar yesterday.."

Carey - 8/2/96

"Just wanted to let you all know how much I enjoyed the Internet marketing presentations yesterday. They were the best part of the conference. And Steph, you are a good sport to let your shoes go out over the Internet on a daily basis! Fusionary isn't paying you enough--demand a raise!"

Darla - 8/2/96

"I just wanted to thank you guys for a GREAT track 6 at yesterday's conference! "

shelly - 7/11/96

"Hi! My husband, Lee just had to show me this! "

A friendly voice - 7/2/96

" Quite the groovy setup! You guys and gal are very impressive! Have a great days"

Fred & Barney - 5/22/96

"Yabba-Dabba-Doo! Oh....sorry Shaggy, wrong cartoon. "

Cameron - 5/22/96

" Macs rule! Michigan rocks!"

Richard - 4/26/96

" Cool Site of the Day was here."

Lisa - 3/20/96

"Who is the cute guy in the back?"

Nancy - 3/1/96

"I love Fusionary Media! "

Mary poppins - 2/6/96

"supercali fragileistik ex pee alidocious "

Pam Talsma - 1/25/96

"I can't beleive I finally won the slots! I can't beleive I won! I can't beleive I won! You guys didn't rig it just to make me feel better did you? "

Kathy Manwaring - 1/22/96

"Here I am again!!!!! I am glad that Elena showed me where you guys are!!! I am having alot of fun here!!!!! Keep up the good work!"

Janice - 1/19/96

"Hi Fusionary!!! You have the best pictures I've ever seen on the web. "

Biff Henderson - 1/11/96

"Before Fusionary came into my life, I was depressed. I couldn't hold a job and my wife left me. But now I have a whole new outlook on life. I'm happy, I'm off Prozac and I have a new woman. I just want to say, Thanks Fusionary! Now there is hope! "

Rich Gay - 12/29/95

"NetLink makes me purr! Really cleans out my bit maps... "

Dianna Smith - 12/21/95

" Merry Christmas and Very Happy and Prosperous New Year !!!!"

Julie Berghoef - 12/21/95

"merry christmas you guys.. pretty cool site you have. "

Elena - 12/19/95

"Jack stop looking at Steph's shoes! "

anonymous - 12/19/95

"We love the Boss Biffer. "

Steph - 12/18/95

"Is Shaggy's tongue going to get longer and longer or what?"

Dan - 12/18/95

"Don't you just love technology. "

Squashy - 12/18/95

"All I want for christmas is my own T1 line. This 28.8 stuff is for the birds. "

PJ - 12/18/95

"The guys at Fusionary Media are real computer geeks, but creative computer geeks. Have a nice day. "

Melissa - 12/18/95

"Fusionary is too cool! "

Michael - 12/17/95

"You guys are the greatest! "

Shaggy - 12/17/95

"Zoiks! "

Squash - 12/17/95

"When I was a kid I wanted to be a fireman. Now that I'm an adult I just want to dunk a basketball. "

Steph - 12/15/95

"I wish I could be there to hear what I am saying! "

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