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I'm sure you're wondering what we're doing with all the retro-sci-fi graphics. We thought it was a good way to demonstrate how difficult it is to predict the future of technology. In the '50s, they thought we would have colonized the moon by now. And that robots would be doing all the housework. They were pretty far off, so we're not going to try telling you what technology will bring us in 50 years. At the rate the Web and technology are changing things, I think we'll work on the next 5 years first.

The technical lowdown:

Hardware Highlights -

Apple's Workgroup server 8150.

- System Software 7.5.3
- 48 megabytes RAM
- (2) mirrored 1-gig hard drives

And for software, here's a partial list of the tools we use:



4th Dimension



QuickDNS Pro

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