This site uses Fargo, which is great, but it seems to be languishing as Dave works on so I'm sitting on things for now.#

Just testing to see if this still works#

Today's background image is: Corona#

Book: Mr. Mercedes.

Hobonichi Cousin 2016.

Today's background image is: Wilco#

Best practices for a new Go developer. Satish Talim - Medium#

"...the best thing to do would be to start over, bringing no preconceptions at all into our lives as readers."

Today's background image is: Orange M&Ms#

Showing up at a gold rush with a shovel and a pan doesn't make you a genius.

The Atlantic is returning to blogging

Today's background image is: Chairs#

"... the biggest thing wrong with lettuce is that it’s a leafy-green waste of resources."

Today's background image is: Wall with painted stones#

On moving back to a static website.

Book: The Fold.

That week I tried to unplug from Slack.

Today's background image is: Plates#

Moved snippets to (From

Today's background image is: Dad and Gordon in pool#

Fuck trigger warnings#

Maybe I'll just go back to using Tumblr. That was easy.#

Today's background image is: Old lawn chairs# is a darn nice outliner and with a little fussing about it can be a darn nice CMS/blog publishing tool as well.#

The trouble with Fargo is that it feels like its author, Dave Winer, has lost interest in developing it much further. This is a shame, but Dave's always moved quickly and sometimes things get left behind.#

I'm using Fargo to publish my blog and it works pretty well. It's one of the easiest ways to manage a static blog, but I've got to consider alternatives, just in case Fargo stagnates to a point where its use becomes unfeasible.#

Giving piwik a try. Having trouble getting Fargo pages to render with the embedded script.#

Today's background images is: Empty film spools#

Your shitty, dusty film photo isn't art simply by virtue of it being a shitty, dusty film photo.#

Today's background image is: Box O' Tweets#

I stopped programming when things became all open-sourced and judgy#

Today's background image is JOBO in Darkroom#

Still wish I had an idea of what to use this for. For now I'm going to rsync the files to and see how that feels.#

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