Zim's Favorite Things

My German Shepherd, Zim, died at age 11 in 2014. After which, I shot one roll of film commemorating his favorite things.

2014 Roll-019_001
Where Zim chased sticks (2014)
2014 Roll-019_013
Zim loved drinking out of the bathtub faucet (2014)
2014 Roll-019_012
Zim slept here every night. (2014)
2014 Roll-019_011
Zim's favorite place to nap (2014)
2014 Roll-019_009
Zim's bowl of food (2014)
2014 Roll-019_008
Zim's stick and toy collection (2014)
2014 Roll-019_007
Zim loved Milk Bones
2014 Roll-019_006
Zim's leash (2014)
2014 Roll-019_005
Zim's favorite stick
2014 Roll-019_004
Where Zim sat to watch people walk by and bark at dogs (2014)
2014 Roll-019_003
Zim's food bowl (2014)
2014 Roll-019_002
Tree that Zim always chased squirrels up into